We Don’t Have Fun Anymore: What’s Wrong and Ways to Fix It

After you have been married, engaged or dating long term, it is imperative to understand that scheduling date time is necessary. In the dating stages we tend to think scheduling dates are silly and usually implies that a couple is having marital problems. 
However, even in the best marriages, being around each other all the time doesn’t mean that you are actually spending quality time, you are simply living your everyday life together under the same roof. If you are parents, then it is even more important to schedule some one-on-one time together. Listen, not everyone speaks ‘quality time’ language but learning it will ensure success in your relationship. 
So what’s the challenge when it comes to scheduling quality time? The answer, life ends up getting in the way. During your daily routines, you may joke around with each other and have fun when you are busy, but the stress and chaos of adulthood can make it feel almost impossible to set aside a few hours to spend with each other. After work, school or taking care of daily responsibilities, you may barely say a few words to each other before caving your tired bodies into bed, saying goodnight accompanied with quick peck on the lips, and drifting off to your separate dreamlands. 
Scheduling dates or quality time helps to improve your communication and is vital in connecting with each other on a deeper level. Dates are a great solution to staying informed our your partners desires, thoughts, dreams and feelings- not only in your relationship but as an individual. Communication is key, and dates allow you to direct all of your attention on your partner during those few hours. It is an intimate time to show each other the affection and attention you both crave and appreciate as a committed couple- and more importantly as best friends. 
Below is a series of simple but creative indoor and outdoor date ideas that you and your partner can begin to schedule into your calendar, today!

Indoor Dates

  • Go on Groupon and pick an activity to do. From horse-back riding to a painting night, Groupon has it all
  • Go shopping and pick each other’s outfits. Who said fashion couldn’t make a great date. To make is more interesting, wear the outfits you picked out for each other on the next date night.
  • Volunteer at a nonprofit organization.  Gain more perspective on life and how you both fit into the world, today. Let the insightful conversations flow.
  • Donate blood together. Don’t be eery! It is something that you both can support each other in doing.
  • Search for your unused gift cards and use them. What could be better than a free date on the town?
  • Check out a local trampoline indoor park. Become carefree kids again! Bring back the sense of nostalgia while creating new memories.
  • Go indoor rock-climbing
  • Visit an open mic night
  • Visit a local bookstore
  • Recreate your first date

Outdoor Dates

  • Go to a waterpark 
  • Go zip-lining
  • Go to the zoo
  • Go to an amusement park or carnival
  • Go camping. Call a nearby campsite or pitch a tent in the yard! 
  • Have an outdoor movie night. In some cities they show free movies in your local parks. Check out movie offerings or create your own at home! Bring a blanket and snuggle up with a your favorite snacks. 
  • Go to your local Farmers Market. Hand sample and support your local businesses with a nice vibe that will spark a flame
  • Train for a 5k and run/walk it together. Accomplish  goal together.. teamwork makes the dream work!
  • Take a luxury helicopter tour. Most larger cities offer luxury helicopter tours that can be romantic and adventurous.
  • Help each other check off items on your bucket lists. We all have something we want to try at least one before we die, so why not do it with the one you love. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

Seal the Deal 

Now that you have a list of ideas, sit down with your partner and begin penciling in the dates and activities in one place. Have a ‘joint calendar’ where you both are able to view the schedule and set reminders. Use a print calendar to hang in the bedroom or on the refrigerator. Want to be more tech savvy? Use a shared online calendar such as Google Calendar or iCal to help both of you stay on on track with ease- no matter where you are. Entice the excitement leading up your scheduled date nights, putting the ‘fun’ back into the fundamentals of a healthy relationship.